As a holistic therapist offering reflexology to assist with fertility and maternity health I am here to support you throughout your journey from pre-conception, pregnancy and post-natal recovery whilst maintaing a holistic approach and working with reflexology techniques suitable for which ever stage you are at. 

Currently expecting my first child I can empathise with those parents who may be struggling with certain aspects of their pregnancy, or who are seeking a way to relax and unwind in preparation for the birth of their baby. I am also familiar with the fertility issues many couples face, and have an understanding of the processes some couples chose to go through in order to become parents.

Working with an holistic approach I can offer you encouragement and support for your mind, body & spirit during this time. As a reflexologist I am only encouraging and stimulating your body's own healing abilities to create balance and the right body ecology, so I work with you and guide you so that you can help yourself and get the most out of your treatments. Working together we will look at you as a whole, your diet, lifestyle and health, as well as stresses and emotions which you feel may be affecting your wellbeing. 

Fertility reflexology works on balancing the hormones to encourage and stimulate ovulation, and prepare your body for pregnancy. I offer treatment packages for both partners, so that both of you can relax and prepare for pregnancy. It takes two to make a baby, and men's health is just as important as the woman's. It is necessary that the father also look at his diet and lifestyle to optimise his fertility, and shares the responsibility and takes some of the pressure off his partner allowing you both the chance to do something relaxing together to contribute towards your wellbeing.

Once pregnant treatments usually cease during the first trimester and resume afterwards if you wish to continue. Continued treatments will assist in maintaining balance within the body, and keep you relaxed in the lead up to the birth of your baby. You may also find that treatments help you sleep and ease the general aches and pains your body may experience whilst your baby is growing in the womb.

Reflexology is also a great combination for those seeking a natural birth or those who chose to use hypnobirthing techniques as the treatments promote deep relaxation - essential for a calm and panic free birth!

By 38 weeks the focus is now on stimulating the pituitary gland (along with other reflex points) and the production of oxytocin to encourage natural labour and delivery. I do not claim to be able to induce labour as if the baby is not ready it won't budge, as a reflexologist the goal is to help best prepare your mind & body so that you feel ready and can deliver naturally.

Reflexology treatments continued after birth work on re-balancing your body's hormones and encouraging your body's own healing abilities to assist with recovery after labour. Reflexology has also been seen to benefit sleep and instill relaxation and a sense of calm which is all beneficial to new mums (and dads!). The treatments allow you take an hour out for yourself, so that you can gather your thoughts or catch up on some sleep! Mobile visits are available to make this easier for you during this time.

I do not claim to be a nutritionist or counsellor but am able to recommend therapists in these fields. Never stop taking prescribed medications or alter dosages without speaking to the medical professional who prescribed them first.